About Power Foods Company


“We started at our health club, Spoga Fitness Center, in Hammond, Louisiana. As a nutrition expert and consultant, I was asked to sell a homemade granola recipe also featured in my first book, “The Amazing Power of Food,” at our club. I never anticipated such demand for granola — the same, special recipe I made for my family and I to enjoy as a snack. After a fun tweak to the recipe, we began rolling this granola into small spheres and called them Power Bites! Using similar ingredients with gluten free and natural integrity in mind, the Power Cookie and its two flavors entered our Power Foods family. Our products were built on good intentions: For everyone to eat well, be well and live healthier!"

The Power Foods Company story began in our fitness center and has now grown so much. As a shopper who puts wellness first, we asked ourselves why we couldn't find snacks that met our standards: made with real food, something delicious with equally nutritious benefits (gluten free), free of artificial sweeteners, colors, additives.

Power Foods Company's mission is to make quality, real snacks for millions of people who share our desire for healthy snacks for themselves, their families and their friends. Let's eat well and be well.