The ingredients! PFC’s super-high-quality and high-protein snacks are 100% free of all the bad stuff — artificial preservatives, sweeteners, colorings and flavorings. We only source real ingredients so you can have easy access to real health benefits.
Across PFC’s snack line, you will find delicious and gluten-free rolled oats, plant-based protein, real cacao chips, natural peanut butter, hemp heart seeds and natural honey. For an added protein boost, Power Cookies use fresh, free-range egg whites.


Years ago, Power Foods was born inside Spoga Fitness Center, a health club my husband Jeff and I share in Hammond, Louisiana. For 20 years, I have counseled my personal training clients on nutrition and have authored a series of meal-planning dietary books titled, “The Amazing Power of Food.” As part of the series, I began baking homemade granola inside my home, for my clients, and gave it to a couple of them for snacking as they restructured their eating habits and cleaned their diets. Well, they loved the granola! We then started selling granola at Spoga and, well, that’s where PFC started! I tweaked the crunchy granola recipe and found a way to make granola fun for everyone. We rolled them into spheres and created Power Bites, a recipe and naturally-healthy snack unlike any other in our local market. From our Bites’ recipe and its staple ingredients, Power Cookies were born!
My goal from the beginning was to provide snack options with ingredients my clients, family and friends know and trust. Unlike quick snack options on the market, PFC does not use anything artificial to manipulate the nutritional label or preserve a shelf life with oils, acids and powders.